Retailing completes our vertical integration and provides us with a seamless, direct channel for our diamond products. This brings us closer to the end users of our products and enables us to better

understand their needs. This insight influences our entire business, from the point of purchasing rough diamonds through to the creation of appealing marketing programmes. The result is a purchasing experience that excites the most discerning of consumers.

Our retailing activities are focused on the major growth economies of India and China, which are served by two distinct chains.


Joliesse was launched in 2003 when we acquired Hong Kong based retail chain ‘Daily Jewellery’. Previously a discount jewellery chain, we transformed the operation into a high‐quality fashion brand through a complete re‐branding exercise and store refurbishment programme. The brand is now widely recognised and has a strong following of modern, fashion‐conscious consumers in Hong Kong.


Launched in 2007, the Diti retail chain is aimed at modern, urban working women who enjoy expressing their personal style through elegant and distinctive jewellery. The brand offers a wide range of lightweight, discrete styles which fit with the everyday wardrobe of a stylish career woman. Diti is distinct from other brands in the market as it focuses on platinum jewellery; a relatively new offering in the Indian market. Diti is successfully growing demand and appeal for platinum as the preferred metal choice, given its superior strength, rarity and distinctive look compared to traditional yellow gold.

Diti is sold through branded concessions in luxury lifestyle stores throughout India, alongside a range of respected international and national brands.